Material Handling Storage Equipment

The way to design a warehouse will depend on products, characteristics, types of equipment and quantities needed to be transported to and from the storage facilities. Racks can be used to hold and store goods either for long term or short term. Storage racks can hold items in an organized manner. The decision on which style of racks to use in warehouses depends on the weight of items that needs storage along with their physical sizes. Rack systems can be used in buffering stock that’s reserved so that to ensure there are enough products at hand that can meet the anticipated demand in the market. Racks used in warehouses can either be in pallet loads, large individual units or cartons.

There are six methods that you can use to design your warehouse. Here the design of the warehouse will depend on the size of the premises available, and the brand of commodities to be stored. The designs may vary drastically since there’re a wide variety of industries. In this guide on the appropriate storage type to use based on the type of business, you wish to establish. There is the pallet rack system, bulk racks, wire partitions, cantilever racking, carton flow racks, as well as, mezzanines.

Pallet Racking

As the name suggests, these are rack systems that contain pallet racks. This is an ideal system for grocery stores and other businesses of a similar kind, as well as, warehouses.

The type of pallet racks to use should be based on the set budget, the floor area available, ceiling height, and the size of pallets you want to establish.

There are various methods if pallet rack systems that can be used namely; the interchangeable, this require certain connection strategies either the gravity lock or the automatic plunger lock.

The T-bolt; having the T-bolt pallet rack system requires some adjustments in the three centers that are vertical. This is the easiest design to be used in pallet racking.

The super post design. Here, one closes the tubes in an upright position. It’s a safer, convenient and cost-effective approach to be used in design the pallet racks.

  • Effective for storing full pallets and using the cubic space of a tall warehouse

  • Requires operator interface with forklifts or other lift equipment

  • Easily reconfigurable to meet changing needs

  • Can be converted into carton flow or pallet flow rack

Racks can be beneficial to the business as it maximizes the space available for storage, they can also be used to hold items during the manufacturing or assembling process. Last but not least, they can store items to be sold or processed in the future.


How to maximize space in your warehouse to gain flexibility for certain storage requirements can be a daunting task. Regardless of how big your warehouse is, having an organized system of storage, came to ease your operations at the warehouse. Industrial shelving enables you to achieve this objective. It’s one of the most efficient ways to utilize the available space through vertical storage.

There are various approaches that you can use in designing your shelves in a warehouse. There’s the boltless shelving, this provides an easy installation process that will only require a rubber mallet.

Steel shelving offers power to maximize the capacity, shape, and size of the products to be stored in the warehouse. This should be according to your choice.

On the other hand, we also have open shelving, multi-level systems, and closed shelving allows one to have quick access to items, as well as, protection.

It’s essential to evaluate the shelving storage and the type of products to be stored and help maximize the available space in your warehouse.

A place for everything, everything in its place – Ben Franklin

Freestanding Mezzanine

Mezzanines are also known as work platforms, steel, wide span, or structural mezzanine, have a variety of industrial applications. They enhance great flexibility along with providing space in your existing warehouse.

Freestanding mezzanines are platforms that depend on self components to provide support. They have columns that settle on slabs made on concrete and each anchored to the slab. In case footers are needed, the columns are attached to the footer.

Some of the merits of having free-standing mezzanines are; they utilize the space above the mezzanine, they are easy and flexible to set up, they can be relocated easily, they are cost-effective to establish.

Carton or Case Flow Rack

The carton flow rack comprises of roller tracks, as well as, the framework which includes; shelf frames, vertical frames, along with sway braces. Carton flow racks are not only versatile but also cost-effective.

One can choose from knuckled shelves and no layback vertical frames. This is according to the system designed to suit all your requirements. This is one of the flow racks that have a wide range of design options. Carton flow is efficient for a split case or full case applications, using either plastic totes or cardboard cartons.

Roller tracks can accommodate various tracks and cartons of different sizes since they are adjustable. They used together on the one shelf without profiling these roller tracks.

Pallet Flow Rack

The pallet flow rack system is usually driven by gravity, unlike other rack systems. It’s convenient for items that are moving fast in either first in or out of the rotation. The durable skate wheel that are put on sloped shelves allows the forward flow of palletized loads.

This type of storage utilized the available space by having few aisles. These pallet racks operate in such a way that, it moves pallets via a pallet rack to the carton flow systems that contain multi-level pick modules the separate products small quantities in boxes or packets. Through this, the warehouse floor area will be maximized.

Pick Modules

If you want an efficient method to create a custom pick module, you can rely on Steel King to formulate a perfect module for you. This is done by putting together several dynamic rack systems that have flow components or rather conveyors. With this, you should expect cost savings as well as productivity.

Some of the merits of formulating a pick module that comprises a multi-level system are that, it allows the storage of many products, as well as, it decreases instances of handling material. A good pick module should include establishing a pallet whereby a number of commodities are being re-palletized to a ship that’s in a different location. There is also the kitting; where multiple parts are assembled to form one complete section that will be packed for transportation.

They can accommodate a high number of SKUs. They have efficient picking rates as well as stored goods in bulk. Pick modules can be used in eCommerce fulfillment and large scale distribution centers.